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2016 Texas 4000 for Cancer: Media

We visit the UT Southwestern Research Center in Dallas. We presented them with a check and got to speak with the researchers working to end cancer.

Oklahoma. Lots of Oklahoma.

The stunning sandstones of Dinosaur National Monument...not pictured are the monster mosquitos.

Dana humors me...listening to my impromptu Utah geology talk.

A low resolution, but high quality Pikes Peak dance off.

Pikes Peak summit.

A host family puts Dana and I on a tandem bike for the 4th of July...then attaches their child to the back

A tough ride through Montana brightened by laughing alongside teammates.

Into the mountains we go.

We ride through Glacier National Park...and that's why it's called neature.

British Columbia brings cold, clouds, and gorgeous landscapes.

A freezing day in Canada made warm by laughing behind Gabe.

The Dease Lake challenge crew rides 221 miles straight through the Yukon. Our bodies shook. Oliver yelled at a bear. I ate six fruit by the foot.

The paper plate awards...for when you're out of food but have plenty of food saucers.

Shawn listens to rock talk.

Finding out there aren't many actual ducks in the remote Yukon.

Experiencing the joy of a smooth road in the Canadian wilderness.

Rockies girls win the boarder race...and celebrate with a family size pizza.

We attempt to execute what felt like a brilliant photo the time.

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